Sever Sauna

Sauna kurulum montaj satış hizmetlerinde lider firma


Constructing Sauna

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The main item in constructing a sauna is the origin and the quality of tree. Fir or equivalent woods, which are durable to high and fluctuating heat, should be used. These woods are mounted on walls and ceiling in 5×5 or 5×10 sizes. When mounting, the distance between carcasses is recommended to be 50 cm maximum.

The most important feature of the wood that is used to construct a sauna, is that it should be the type that does not produce resin. These types are considered to be Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Finland Pine and Finnish spruce. If we think about the common features of these woods, we see that all of them are from north countries and all are more durable in comparison with normal woods.

The parts on which people sit should be made of triplochiton scleroxylon (or Abachi) which grows in South America. The most important feature of that timber is that in the case of contact, it never allows person to be burned even in very high heats.

While constructing a sauna, one of the most crucial thinks to which one should pay attetntion is that the nails that are situated on sitting part should be unseen. In the construction secret nailing or screwing must be used.