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Sauna Equipment

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Firstly entering, it can look like a empty room, but in fact sauna has many equipment inside. Even though sauna heater and control panel are the main equipment of sauna, some decorative and information giving accessories can be seen in sauna too.

Before observing equipments one by one, we can say that the common feature of every equipment in a sauna is that they should be durable to heat.

Sauna Heater:

Sauna heater or sauna stove is the main heat-source of a sauna. When you look at markets, even with a short observation, you can see that there are many kinds of sauna heaters. Some of these heaters are; KIP sauna heater (bottom-controlled), Topclass sauna heater (top-controlled), Terminator sauna heater, Delta sauna heater and Senator sauna heater. The names of heaters are decided according to their control panel place or the origin and shape of item. For instance the reason why we call Topclass, is that these kind of heaters are controlled from the top.

Sauna Lamp:

Sauna lamp is, may be, the most important decorative equipment of a sauna. Normal lamps have many varieties, as sauna lamps do. Frosted glass scone, heat-resistant LED lamps are just some of them.

Thermometer – hourglass:

They are inevitable temperature and time indicators in a sauna. Their common feature is to be durable to heat.

Control Panel of Sauna Heater:

They are one of the technical equipments in saunas. They differentiate according to features of heater.