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History of Sauna

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Before talking about the history of sauna, we can write something about ethimology of “sauna” word. “Sauna” Word has derived from “savu” which is a Finn language and it has became “shower” and “shower house”

When we look at the history of sauna it was used in Middle Asia Steppes at firts. Then, it was developed in Finland so this country became hometown of the sauna. Today, because of this, we call the sauna as “Finn shower”.

The first article about sauna was written in 1112.It is known that the first sauna was built in a soil set. Later, it was built on the soil with wooden cub. The stones used to be heated in a stone bake. When the Stones was put indoor, steam used to spread everywhere. There is no chimney on the room and it takes to heat the sauna for 12 hours.

With effect of the socialism, sauna became the symbol of Finland at the 19th century.The use of sauna became widespread with electiricity powered sauna heater production and with the World War II, sauna became popular in the World.