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What is Sauna?

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In fact all of us know sauna. Some of us are keen on it, some of us know it only by tv or listening others about it. We can describe the sauna : It is a wooden room with its 40-90 C degree temprature where people can sit and have a hot shower.

That there is 5%-10% moisture in a sauna which is built with a suitable technique provides people to sit indoor comfartebly. The centre of the temperature in the sauna where can increase up to 200 C degree is the sauna heater.

Today ,we can still can see saunas with developed technological developments in a flat on apartments. With the help of modern technology saunas with developed systems are more reliable and healthier than the ones in history.

There is not an illness that the sauna can get heal but everyone knows there is. But it is a fact that it is a good for stres, the illness of our age according to the scientists. Also, getting tear when you are in a passive possition can both burn the fat in the body and it does not cause the tiredness when the person tries to burn fat. In short, we can say that sauna cannot be described, it is an experience that each person should have a sauna experience in their life.